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“Finding Martial Arts has been an incredible gift for me and my daughter. Being able to train together, practice together, compete together, is an opportunity we haven’t found anywhere else. It’s a perfect family activity!”
Reviews of Martial Arts Lessons for Kids in Cypress TX - Mom and Daughter Review Profile
Angela Ba (Omega)
student and mom

“Since I put my son into Martial Arts, he’s learned self-discipline and respect; his grades have gotten a lot better, and he’s become stronger and a more mature young man. Martial Arts is the best investment I’ve ever made for my son!”
Reviews of Martial Arts Lessons for Kids in Cypress TX - Dad and Son Review Profile
Cliff McCutchan (Joshua)
student dad

“Since we’ve been working out as a family in Martial Arts, I’ve noticed that my health and happiness have improved tremendously. My children’s confidence has improved, and as a family we enjoy it and enjoy spending time together.”
Reviews of Martial Arts Lessons for Kids in Cypress TX - Family Dad and Kids Review Profile
Jeff Herrin (Jett & Skylar)
amy mcelhaney
amy mcelhaney
My daughter was a student there for close to 2 years and we only left because we moved an hour away. Great instructors, great messages given to the children, and great communication with emails and an app. We just now left there for a birthday party and having a party there is a MUST. So entertaining and fun!
Lorena Siso
Lorena Siso
The Masters and team members of Martial Arts USA have been great for my kids the last 2-1/2yrs. The last 6weeks as the country has been at home do to COVID 19 pandemic, this school has provided a much needed resource and outlet for my entire family. They’ve provided online live TKD classes the keep the kids moving. Keeping their bodies active and mind focused on health activity. Thank you Martial Arts USA family:)
Steven Kuan
Steven Kuan
Martial Arts USA is great at creating a positive learning environment that is extremely welcoming to all. What makes Martial Arts USA unique and stand out from other Taekwondo schools are the students, staff, and most importantly the Masters. Master An and Master Shin truly care about the students. It's beyond just teaching martial arts and self-defense, but the masters genuinely guide the students in the right direction in terms of developing valuable life skills. I've seen firsthand the progress the students make, and I am truly impressed. 10/10 would recommend if you're looking to enroll in a program that is proven to benefit your child.
Arianna McComb
Arianna McComb
This is an exceptional center! The staff are very involved and committed to quality. The center is clean, welcoming, and well organized. I found this center by accident looking for a fun, family friendly activity to gift our friends with for Christmas. I was so impressed, I immediately signed my son up. We did month to month for the 1st 3 months of 2019 to make sure my son was committed and the staff lived up to the initial impression. I signed up for their black belt program after 3 months because I could see the value. I highly recommend this school! We're there almost every single day of the week. My son is more focused and is excited to come to classes.
Tanya Dilworth
Tanya Dilworth
Top notch Taekwondo instruction taught here. My son has been a student at Martial Arts USA for 8 years he is a 2nd degree black belt. If you are looking for quality staff, an exceptional studio your best choice is here.
Luis 713
Luis 713
My son Adrian has been attending for about 3 months n I can already see the difference his balance has increased drastically. I have nothing bad to say I highly recommend it for your little one... Instructors are fantastic I love how they are genuine good people, I would give them ten stars if I could.!
Momis Knight
Momis Knight
I'm so happy my son can take classes there, all masters are very good with children. Thank you!
virginia vasquez
virginia vasquez
We went to sign up for the 3 day trial for 29 bucks but when we went in, it was not what I was told it was going to be on the phone. My son had his mini private session with the master and after that we started talking about the prices. When i metioned the 3 day trail for $29 i was told i couldn't do that anymore because i did the online sign up for a free mini session. I asked about cancellation and she said i cant only for medical or if i am moving. You sign a contract for 36 months and you're basically stuck. She started showing me the different prices and I was a little shocked by the prices but I listened and said that i needed to talk to my family about it and how I could budget this. (I am a single mom) she kept pushing for me to sign up and said i needed to do it now. I felt very pressured and uncomfortable. She continued to push me to sign up. I made a phone call and from there I decided that I needed to talk further with my family about how we could do this. I told her that I need to figure things out before I can sign him up.I asked if I could have a copy of the prices, she said no, I asked her if i could take a picture of it she said no. I started to get up to leave she said I could write it down. So I started to write them down and she wouldn't let me see the prices she was turning the pages before i could finish writing down the price and the months. She was rushing me not letting me see the prices. I had had enough. I got got up and said thank you for your time but no thank you we will NOT be coming back. Afterwards I received a phone saying that it was a miscommunication but there wasn't I was told one thing and it didn't happen. And what pissed me off is that you said i could write down the prices but you dont give me the chance too.

“Ever since I started Martial Arts, I have the confidence that I can defend myself.”
Review of Martial Arts Lessons for Adults in Cypress TX - Review Profile Mom
Lani Johnson

“Ever since I started Martial Arts training I’ve become more confident, energetic, and happy! If I can do it, you can do it.”
Reviews of Martial Arts Lessons for Adults in Cypress TX - Young Adult Review Profile
T’iana Rick

“Nobody bothers me anymore. I LOVE the Martial Arts!”
Review of Martial Arts Lessons for Kids in Cypress TX - Young Kid Review Profile
Peter L.

Martial Arts USA

Although many people think the martial arts are just about fighting, the truth is that the physical “kicking and punching” are really just the tools that I use to teach the more important, and MUCH more valuable lessons about yourself.

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