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Online training does not need any travel time, and students from different areas can access the same class. Teaching class through Zoom is different than live streaming. We can interact and correct moves and forms by giving feedback right on the spot.

There are breaks between classes, so some students with questions can remain on for help with forms and self-defense routines. Students staying home enjoy training, talk, and laugh together, and as a Taekwondo master, it is a big joy and relief to see them.

We promoted a campaign called ‘Coronavirus Break-A-Thon’ in which students draw an image of coronavirus on the board and break the board with their taekwondo technique. The short video of our students breaking a board is being uploaded on social media which encourages the community to join, therefore; it will spread the awareness of the coronavirus and give hope to people continue to fight the coronavirus. Some students do not have a partner to hold a target or practice sparring and we ask parents to hold a target or any other substitute tool such as a pillow.

In class, we can demonstrate techniques, but we adjust to online training. Some students don’t have internet access or the right equipment. Our students still cannot wait for us to open the doors. A 14-year old misses coming to the Studio, but she understands the situation.

She thinks online training is energetic and motivational but also wants some fun games and drills she used to do with her classmates. An adult student who works in the hospital will take online classes until the pandemic is over. She misses everyone in the class but does not want to put other people at risk of getting coronavirus.

2 Weeks $20 for Online and In-person Classes
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